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The Sunset Clefs

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Our Purpose

We just want to sing! Actually, we are working with SDSU to sing at a variety of shows put on by ourselves and by other organizations (I.E. homecomings, parent nights, etc.)

Why This Group?

Well, we all love music and above all performing. We'd like to take on other established singing groups and show 'em what we've got (vocally that is). Because the West Coast isn't as involved in a capella as the East Coast is, we're going to try and change that. We want to expose this side of the country to the competitive nature of vocal groups and show SDSU (and other schools) what they've been missing! Word up.

Our Mission Statement. Boring, I know.

Come on down to Chinatown, that's where it's at! That's our mission: Chinatown.

The Sunset Clefs, San Diego State University, CA